Friday, November 14, 2008

We heart this home.

FOR SALE: Me and Randy are pining over this home...we toured it two weeks ago. Built in 1902. Think original electric, original plumbing...well what was added in 1917...the skelton key fell out of the lock box, plaster walls, years of wallpaper in the main living area, no outlets in the 3rd and 4th story (yes, 4 stories in total). Only owned by two familes, the second family has had it for 4 generations and the last woman who lived in it moved on...AT 105 years old, blind for the last 20 (which explains so many of the orignal features). YES, this house is grand, beautiful, original, but whooowhee a huge project and about $200,000 in restore money. Ahhhh....we could take it slowly, right?

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