Saturday, November 8, 2008

Package from Alaska, Package from Alaska!!!

We received a package in the mail yesterday from our family in Alaska, and we love packages!!
Aiden was very excited to open the package; Maia had just woken up from a nap and was more interested in her peanut butter graham crackers.

Tissue was flying everywhere!!

Aiden and his new Davey Crocket vest and Raccoon hat, authentic raccoon tail.

Happy is all you can say.
Very generous giftcards for Randy.

Hello Kitty for the little girl. A hit of course, :)!!

A scarf for me, yahoo!! I love scarves and the weather allows for them to be worn here!!

Jalepeno Cheese, that yes, we finished about half of last night, thank you very much. And, a BIG THANK YOU to our Alaska family, Nana Cathy, and Grandma and Granpa Lange, we love you guys!! It made our day special!!

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