Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aiden the Photographer!

Aiden took these two pictures; I love Maia standing infront of the tree, she looks so little and sweet. The second picture is Mommy and Maia making silly faces.

Christmas Day Laker Frenzy!

Daddy, Aiden and Maia cheering the Lakers on!!

Spiderman walkie Talkies

Christmas Morning

This was after we had opened the presents and the kids were very happy!! This picture was in fact taken with my new cute PINK sony Cybershot that Randy, I mean Santa, picked out for me. Maia insisted on holding Spiderman Walkie Talkies for the picture.

view of the Ocean

This was taken on Christmas Day from our Balcony. It is a much better view in person , the water shimmers and we can see boats sailing by.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Table

We are celebrating Christmas with my Mom and Randy's mom tonight, December 22nd. Randy's dad just had Hernia surgery this past week, so he is not feel too great. Here is our holiday table and decorations. Aiden added the "bow on the plate"


Aiden getting tricky with markets; he is adding more "freckles."

My favorite...

This is my favoite Hairstyle on Maia, two little nots on the side of her head, so sweet!

Christmas Production 2007

Aiden had his first Christmas Production at preschool last Friday night; he never ended up actually making it up on stage, but he did enjoy the bowl of cookies and candycanes left out on the refreshment table, so did Maia.

Free bike!!!

This is Aiden doing one of his favorite things, riding a bike!! He loves to ride bikes in our big flat driveway This cute red bike came from the curb a few weeks back; it is a very common site in San Clemente to see various items with "Free" signs taped on. This little find happened to be one of those; with a little air in the tires and a few wipe downs, it was like brand new.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is Aiden and Maia at Irvine Regional Park a few months back, but it is just a cute summer picture that I wanted to include.

Daddy and MaiMai joking around; this is a common scene in our household, where atleast one child is hooked onto Randy is some way...Randy is a great daddy.

This is Maia's true personality! She does this hands up in the air,tongue out dance when she is feeling really good. I love it! To me, it is just about the best thing in the whole WORLD!

Big Bear Zoo on a really cold day!!

Peer Pressure!!

So I finally started my own family blog after being inspired by friends who have shared their own blogs with our family. It takes the place of paper scrapbooking in a way...Hope you enjoy it, here I go!!