Saturday, November 8, 2008

All the makings for a good Halloween

Taking discarded pumpkins to the veggi garden (in hummer of course).

Elmo and Spiderman just chilling with Grandpa before a streak of Trick-or-Treating.

The Kids love grandpa.

Hugging your closet sibling before the candy run.

Posing and Flexing of course.

Lots of friends to help feel spoooookyyyyy.

A little scavenger hunt to start the day off, followed up by treasure and a few rain drops.

Still looking for the treasure...

And looking...Aiden has the clue!

Max is reading the clue ( I love Nikki's face in this picture, she is so interested on what the clue says).

Some mad cookie decorating skills!

And, of course, some silly Halloween faces.

The Finished result.
The smallest of the kiddo's to round Halloween off!! And, yes, folks, if you can't already tell, Halloween was a great success around here!

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