Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are soooo Thankful

We are so thankful that we had a special opportunity to have a short visit with Nanna Cathy and Dennis. By taking advantage of a Montana Family visit, we were able to meet halfway in Grangeville, Idaho for a long over due visit. What wonderful family we have...we are so thankful for the love and kindness and generiousty that the Doss/Lange clan have showered on us. Here is to many more visits in the future!!

Maia taking advantage of being three and having to pee.
Family resemblance.
Lots of hugs on this special time!!

Floating dock on Lake Tolo. Site of where they estimate 200 Mammoth skeltons to lay.
I love this picture. Aiden and Nanna Cathy heading towards the walking trail. Notice Aidens new hat, thank you Dennis and Cathy!!

Aiden and Maia found about 30 different bones on this trail, scattered all over and yes, the bones did come home with us.

Maia declared this little bush a "Christmas Tree" It was a really cute little bush.

Maia playing the old "noodle" trick on Nanna Cathy.

Bone number

Dennis, Randy, Maia and Aiden trying to match up the bones back at the picnic table. The bones turned into a very odd snake and a small seal thing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

We heart this home.

FOR SALE: Me and Randy are pining over this home...we toured it two weeks ago. Built in 1902. Think original electric, original plumbing...well what was added in 1917...the skelton key fell out of the lock box, plaster walls, years of wallpaper in the main living area, no outlets in the 3rd and 4th story (yes, 4 stories in total). Only owned by two familes, the second family has had it for 4 generations and the last woman who lived in it moved on...AT 105 years old, blind for the last 20 (which explains so many of the orignal features). YES, this house is grand, beautiful, original, but whooowhee a huge project and about $200,000 in restore money. Ahhhh....we could take it slowly, right?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Package from Alaska, Package from Alaska!!!

We received a package in the mail yesterday from our family in Alaska, and we love packages!!
Aiden was very excited to open the package; Maia had just woken up from a nap and was more interested in her peanut butter graham crackers.

Tissue was flying everywhere!!

Aiden and his new Davey Crocket vest and Raccoon hat, authentic raccoon tail.

Happy is all you can say.
Very generous giftcards for Randy.

Hello Kitty for the little girl. A hit of course, :)!!

A scarf for me, yahoo!! I love scarves and the weather allows for them to be worn here!!

Jalepeno Cheese, that yes, we finished about half of last night, thank you very much. And, a BIG THANK YOU to our Alaska family, Nana Cathy, and Grandma and Granpa Lange, we love you guys!! It made our day special!!

All the makings for a good Halloween

Taking discarded pumpkins to the veggi garden (in hummer of course).

Elmo and Spiderman just chilling with Grandpa before a streak of Trick-or-Treating.

The Kids love grandpa.

Hugging your closet sibling before the candy run.

Posing and Flexing of course.

Lots of friends to help feel spoooookyyyyy.

A little scavenger hunt to start the day off, followed up by treasure and a few rain drops.

Still looking for the treasure...

And looking...Aiden has the clue!

Max is reading the clue ( I love Nikki's face in this picture, she is so interested on what the clue says).

Some mad cookie decorating skills!

And, of course, some silly Halloween faces.

The Finished result.
The smallest of the kiddo's to round Halloween off!! And, yes, folks, if you can't already tell, Halloween was a great success around here!

Jump Creek Falls

We went on a small hike with our friends and this is where we ended up...a natural 40 foot (or 100 feet by some accounts) that people actually jump off of. It is hard to tell, but the pool below is actually really deep and durning the summer this is a nice place to cool off. The Kids loved it as you can tell!