Friday, February 20, 2009

Sproost Quiz

Love it. Want to have your personal home decorating style outlined? Take the style quiz at and it will outline exactly what your tastes are. Mine turned out to be spoton. I am the following:


Blown away with how true this is. Try it out, sure is fun.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Aiden...

Aiden told a little girl in his preschool class that she was beautiful. The little girl was apparently, thrilled with the compliment (as most ladies would be) and went to tell the teacher. The teacher told us that he is so polite and a total gentleman with the girls, and that he has quite a following.
Oh boy, what does that mean for our future???!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

just a little update

Sorry!! I have fallen out of blog land for the last month or so. Here is a little update on the Lindberg family, pictures to follow.

I started me new job on Jan. 5th and I love it. The location is great, my commute is short and I am home by 4:45pm for dinner, playtime, bathtime and bed, it is wonderful!!

Aiden and Maia both had their 3 year and 5 year checkups. Both are healthy and right on track where they should be; Maia is in the 41% for weight and 60% for height; Aiden is in the 33% for weight and 49% for height. Poor Aiden had 5 shots in the leg and Maia had one. We spent the last weekend nursing his little sore legs back to health and accomidating his many request, ie.
"...carry me, my legs hurt..." "Don't touch my legs, they hurt..." I can't change into jammies, my legs hurt..." But, overall, he was a total trooper. Maia was dancing the same night of her shot.

Aiden will start K in the fall, maia will continue preschool and begin K the next fall!! Wow, time goes fast!!

Randy is still playing "Mr. Mom" and doing quiet a good job!! Actually, he is doing a great job and I have to admit, much better then I ever did. He is still looking daily for a new job position, but unfortunately, we are experiening the hardships of the economy firsthand. Our chins are up and we know that a wonderful opportunity is going to pop up!!!

We are loving Idaho and can't wait to start snowboarding/skiing as a family!!

Lots of pictures to follow whenever I feel like downloading to blogger which can take a very long time to do!! Arg!