Saturday, March 15, 2008


We decided to take a two hour long guided "backcountry" snowmobiling trip while we were in Lake Tahoe. We had so much fun! The kids loved it; Aiden wanted to go faster and Maia fell asleep slumped in front of Randy. Overall, it was a great family activity.

Virginia City, Nevada

While on our vacation, we visited the old mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, dating back to the 1860's and earlier. It is truly an amazing piece of history and so fascinating. The buildings are colorful, lean to one side and creaky; the sidewalks are still made of wood. Lots of lots of old Mining stories, some interesting, some gruesome and some just plain crazy. We visited a wonderful candy store that had the best fudge and candied apples we have ever tried (sorry, mom but this fudge was awesome). It was a cold, windy, clear day, but just beautiful; I highly recommend making a stop on Virginia City if you happen to be in the area.

Well, hello, hello...


I despise crickets, and this house has a ton of them. Gross.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Summer Time...

I visited Old Navy today and they have the best boys shorts ever!! So stylish and cute, I am going to scoop up a few for Aiden (it has been shorts weather this whole week, yahoo)!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lake Tahoe 2008

Grandpa Winston
Randy and Maia

Aiden...too fast to capture. Maia all geared up and ready to play.

Getting ready to sled; Aiden was quiet the daredevil on the slopes. After a few trips down with Randy, Aiden was determined to go down by himself and he did!! Little kids fly down the hills and it is so funny to watch.
A highlight for the kids...

David Walley's Hot Springs
Genoa, NV. David Walley's Hot Springs Resort. 11 miles from South Lake Tahoe and it was a gorgeous spot. The marsh is front of our suite was acutally fueled by a hot spring; they had seven pools filled with the spring water to relax and swim in. The resort even had a kids spa, cooled to about 98 degrees and it was perfect for the kids, we swam almost every night, but it was chilly on the walk back to our room!!