Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are soooo Thankful

We are so thankful that we had a special opportunity to have a short visit with Nanna Cathy and Dennis. By taking advantage of a Montana Family visit, we were able to meet halfway in Grangeville, Idaho for a long over due visit. What wonderful family we have...we are so thankful for the love and kindness and generiousty that the Doss/Lange clan have showered on us. Here is to many more visits in the future!!

Maia taking advantage of being three and having to pee.
Family resemblance.
Lots of hugs on this special time!!

Floating dock on Lake Tolo. Site of where they estimate 200 Mammoth skeltons to lay.
I love this picture. Aiden and Nanna Cathy heading towards the walking trail. Notice Aidens new hat, thank you Dennis and Cathy!!

Aiden and Maia found about 30 different bones on this trail, scattered all over and yes, the bones did come home with us.

Maia declared this little bush a "Christmas Tree" It was a really cute little bush.

Maia playing the old "noodle" trick on Nanna Cathy.

Bone number

Dennis, Randy, Maia and Aiden trying to match up the bones back at the picnic table. The bones turned into a very odd snake and a small seal thing.


Jenni said...

Hey Guys, I have been blog stalking for a while now and it is time I make it known. :)
It looks like a fun trip. That is pretty crazy you found those bones. The one from the spine looks pretty cool, almost human, hmm.

pillingfamily said...

i think jenni wishes it was still halloween. so neat that you got to fianlly meet them. looks like it was fun.

Bille said...

i really like those pictures of you guys in the field, love the colors. And really who doesn't love collecting bones?