Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 years old, my, my, my...where has time gone.

Not in any true order, except baby to baby to cute picture and so on.

What would we do without our MaiMai. So creative, so imginative, so loving, so caring, so SMART, so pretty. Happy soon-to-be 4th Birthday Maia! We love you!

Day One.

San Clemente, Ca.
Pregnant with Maia.

One Day old

About 12 weeks old. Randy carried her all over in his arms like this for a long time, it was her favorite spot to be.

The day Maia was born.
Backyard fun.

One year Birthday Party.

Easter 2006

Pajaro Dune

Dana Point

Downtown Boise

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MommyCat said...

She's such a cutie...Happy Birthday ...(I love the pic of the band aid on her nose!)