Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday ! Happy Birthday to You!!

Oh, Aiden, you are so special. From your wonderful never-ending sense of humor, to your awesome athletics, you are so special. From your protection you always offer your sister when you put your arm around her and lead her to a new game, you are so special. From your amazing trust and willinginess to try anything new (Last night you tried octopus and ate the whole chewy leg without even a grimace). I love the way you throw a frisbee, cast a fishing pole, kick a ball, ride a bike, climb the playground, you are so special. From your total love of dogs and all animals for that matter, you are so special. You always give us a helping hand, and work so hard at the jobs that need to be accomplished, you are so special.

Happy 5th Birthday Aiden Winston, we love you and are so lucky that you picked us.


Dad and Mom

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! He looks so handsome in his spidey costume! :)

<3 to the whole family! - Jessica