Saturday, August 9, 2008

Indio Trip 2008

Last Saturday a friend invited my moms group for a little getaway to Indio, about 2 hours way in the desert. We jumped on the chance to stay in a 2 bedroom condo in the timeshare resort and it was such a great decision. We had a blast; hot weather, lots of swimming, eating and laughing with friends. There were about 20 of us on the trip (11 kids in the group). We stayed in a beautiful, wonderfully air-conditioned two bedroom condo. Yes, the heat was stifling, but the desert has such a beauty to it, totally different then other environments. We saw a lightening storm on our way out, caught frogs, swam in a lazy river and really enjoyed ourselves. My friend described it a "happy" trip and I totally agree.

Grandma Cindy joined us too!

Ready to go swim in the 110 degree weather...yes, it really was 110 plus.
My friends son getting sunblocked up and doing a little jig at the same time.

Dinner time.

Maia very proud of her froggy.

Frog hunt...we got one.

The desert is so different in terrain and so beautiful. I absolutely love sunset in the desert; there are so many layers of color and texture and the sound of the bugs was amazing.

Most of the kiddos (4 were not in this picture) These are kids that we have known since most of them were infants. We always have such a great time with all of them. Great families.

Aiden, Maia and friend. Aiden loves my friends little boy.
kids on the front lawn the first night we were there; it was about 7pm or so and still about 90 degrees or warmer.

Two of my mommy friends; bbq some chicken dinner

Aiden and Maia in the condo; I love their faces in these two pictures.

Our view out of ourcondo; the pool directly in front is a "Lazy river" pool and it you float around the pool with a current. Maia was not too sure at first, but by the end of our trip she thought it was hilariuos to jump off the steps (with her floaties on) and float away from us while we frantically jumped in after her and tried to catch up. It was super duper fun.

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