Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ain't it a small world...

We were at the Mission Viejo Mall today (Saying my goodbye's boo hooooo), and we decided to take the kids into PB Kids to play. While we were back at the toy kitchen area we heard a mom say "...hey Maia...." So we started laughing, because, of course, our Maia looked over too. We started talking to the Mom, saying, oh, how funny, our daughter's name is Maia too, blah, blah, blah. Well, as the story turns out her daughters name is spelled identical to our Maia's and both were born in April 2005 (10 days apart). We are all laughing, commenting on the unusual spelling. Then she mentions that she has an older son as well and Randy ask what his name is? Yep. Aiden, thats right. We both have an Aiden and Maia. Her Aiden (Spelled Aidan) was born in August 2003. So funny!! We were all laughing and comparing their similarirties, which ironically, there were many.
Just a funny store I had to share.

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MommyCat said... wierd is that!