Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

AIDO and his sayings....

AIDEN:"Can you comb my brat down? "
DANIELLE: Do you mean your rats nest?"
AIDEN: " Yes, my brats nest."

AIDEN: "Dad, I don't use a computer to do my homework like you do."
RANDY: "That's OK, when I was your age I did not have a computer to work on either"
AIDEN: "Yeah, instead you had to write with a big white feather."

AIDEN: Aiden watching Starwars with Randy "OH, Gooey, my favorite!"
RANDY: " Gooey? You mean Chewy!"

At the BSU Game:
AIDEN: "Dad, can you take me to a real tackle football game?"

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pillingfamily said...

happy thanksgiving to you too! so cute the things kids say. i love it!