Monday, November 30, 2009

We are home!

We got back last night from a great trip to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving weekend!! We ate lots of food, slept well (big deal for us), had a ton of cousin time and enjoyed the beautiful Bay Area. Thanks Uncle Gerry and Uncle Bri cooking up a great Thanksgiving dinner, and of course thank you for the great bbq dinner at your house. Thank you Uncle Brad and Auntie Lisa for letting us stay at your house!! Thank you Uncle Justin for being the Toot master and being a nice enough guy to let your niece and nephew call you Uncle Tootie. Thanks Grandma Cindy for being patience with the kids back and forth on the trip to Idaho!!

Aiden and Maia did great on the long 12 hour road trip, with the help of lollipops, dvd's, foot rubbs from Grandma Cindy and many, many poo on the side of the road stops. Truly, my kids are the best poopers in the World. We drove through 4 states, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada and California and I am pretty confident that my kids pooped in all of them. Pictures to follow!!
Happy Holidays!!!

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T and A said...

i hope that it wont be pictures of the poo