Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alturas and Red Fish Lake, Stanley Idaaaahooooo

The kids were yelling "Shark!!" in this picture and I thought it was really funny.

We went camping last weekend in the beautiful and I mean beautiful Sawtooth Mountains near Stanley, Idaho. We found a spot at Alturas Lake and spent our couple of days swimming, cooking, walking, laughing, and all the other things that go along camping with 9 kids. It was a GREAT trip and these pictures do not do the beauty of the place justice. I can see now why our friends the Pillings and the Terry's come back each year!! Here is Aiden with the smallest of the campers, Baby Laela, she was so awesome the whole trip!

Boat FULL of kids!
Red Fish Lake, a glimpse of the Sawtooth Range in the back... Blondies!

The Lake water was clear and green with a really soft sandy bottom

Dusk paddle out for Randy
Alturas Lake
WOLF!! Just kidding, its River, the Terry's really, really, really, really mellow dog.

Our nice roomy tent...It got cold at night, we could see our breath in our tent!! 34 degrees will do that I guess
Our first glimpse of the Sawtooth range, so beautiful, notice the snow.


Jenni said...

Wow I am a blog slacker. You AND Elizabeth both posted about our great trip already. I will catch up someday.
We had a blast with you guys. I look forward to many more camping trips.

pillingfamily said...

lets go back

T and A said...

So we need to totaly get together... hows about 6 pm on friday the 31st we meet at the water splash pad at settler's park. it's bring your own dinner... if you say yes i'll let the pillings know...?