Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aiden the Photographer!

Aiden took these two pictures; I love Maia standing infront of the tree, she looks so little and sweet. The second picture is Mommy and Maia making silly faces.


Reed and Bille said...

What cute pictures----I was glad to see your comments on my blog. I just need to give it some time, this is me, we aren't looking for perfection. I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Your kids are so cute, it was great to see them in October----gosh that is 2 months ago. Happy New Year

Bille (the mom)

pillingfamily said...

she's beautiful!! just like her mama. i love how you decorate, like that basket on the hearth with little odds and ends in it that all look so great together. love the walkie-talkie pics too. aiden is so handsom.

MommyCat said...

Hiiii! Geez, haven't seen you since Bille's wedding!! Your kids are adorable :) Im so glad you have a blog so now we can keep in touch. Hope you all have a FAB new year!!!!